RED Shield Dealer Services | For Agents
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For Agents



After reviewing all of the benefits of our programs, we are confident that RED Shield is a win-win situation for any prospective agent.

An Agency in a Box

RED Shield Dealer Services was created to truly be a one-stop-shop for all of our agent partners. With our programs, agents can offer a broad range of service contract programs and ancillary products, all on one easy-to-use platform. This allows RED Shield to truly serve as an “agency in a box” and alleviate the need for agents to seek multiple partners for each of the programs they wish to offer.


It also makes tracking commissions much easier. Agents are only paid by one company and don’t need to track commissions with multiple companies.

Innovative Payment Methods

RED Shield offers innovative payment options—including payment by ACH and wire transfer, which reduces the waiting time for commissions.


In this industry, agents are too often told, “that’s the way it is—if you don’t like it tough!” That’s not our approach. We were founded from the beginning to be a different company in every regard. Those differences are found in the way our service contracts look, the marketing material we use, and the way we handle your dealerships and our relationship with you. We are firm believers that once you experience the RED Shield difference you will never want to look back.


Another truly unique attribute about RED Shield is that we are built on our agents. We do not engage in any direct-to-dealer sales channels whatsoever! While many of our competitors have direct-to-dealer teams, we don’t. We truly believe that agents are the foundation of our sales organization, and do everything we can to not only accommodate them but make them feel like they are valued members of our organization.

Call us Today!

Begin the conversation at (888) 758-4740 to find out more information about how to partner with RED Shield.