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For Dealers



There are numerous companies that offer service contracts and ancillary products. But, any dealer who looks into most of the programs on the market will realize that they are basically the same. Some of the service contracts are exact copies of each other!


In addition to having “cookie cutter” programs, they often have horribly trained claims staff and antiquated e-contracting systems.

A Different Experience

At RED Shield, we guarantee you will have a different experience. Our approach to claims is simple—we pay our claims. Instead of looking for a reason to deny every single claim that comes across our desk, if it’s a payable claim, we pay it. We also contact your customer throughout the claims filing process so they know what is going on each and every step of the way. Our claims and customer staff is friendly, responsive, competent, and most importantly customer-focused.

Our e-contracting system is also extremely innovative. The system was built to be used on a plethora of devices. From a computer to an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, our e-contracting system can literally be used on almost any device that has a web browser. Compare that to our competitors’ systems, which are extremely difficult to navigate and require entire training manuals to use, our system is very simple, yet powerful. Further, our e-contracting system allows you to sell all of your service contracts and ancillary products out of one portal, meaning less time for your F&I office.

We know that there are many VSC and ancillary products out there, but we believe all of these benefits, plus our excellent rates,

products, and programs truly make RED Shield unique.

Call us today at (888) 758-4740 for us to refer you to a RED Shield agent so you can experience the RED Shield Difference!